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Luxuriating in Marigot Bay

A fellow sailor who we met at St. Pierre told us that if you took a mooring or slip at Marigot Bay Marina in northwest St. Lucia,it came with guest privileges at the adjacent five-star Capella Tropical Resort. Always looking for a bargain and needing some laid-back luxury, we settled in there for a few days of rest and relaxation.

Our vantage point at the marina offered the perfect perspective for looking at the wide array of boats that came and went over the course of four days. This has become one of our favorite pastimes and we also never get tired of getting to know other seafaring folks who always have lots of stories to tell.

On one of our days there, Mike disappeared for several hours, and he finally made his way back to the boat, telling tales of being hijacked by a boat full of Danish sailors for beer and conversation. One of them insisted that when Mike walked past their boat, he knew for sure that Mike was a long-lost Dane, thus the only option was to drag him away and bend an elbow in true Viking fashion!

At the end of our restful sojourn here, we said goodbye to Frank and Donna, as they boarded a taxi to ride up to Castries, where they took a ferry back to Martinique and their flight back home.

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